Molecular sieve:

  Molecular sieve is a synthetic aluminosilicate. In active condition it will release heat when adsorbing water or other substances. If a large quantity of molecular sieve quickly adsorbs water, the molecular sieve can become hot enough to cause thermal burns of skin. To avoid the risk of explosion in presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust, earthing containers electrically when pouring is recommended. When transferring beaded molecular sieve pneumatically make sure that the transfer system and the receiving vessels are properly grounded.
   The product is very adsorbent and may have a drying effective on skin and eyes. In contact with water heat development and burning of skin is possible.


   Catalyst 105 is highly effective deoxidant. It can deoxidize at the room temperature deeply, with the residual oxygen at the level of less than 1 ppm. When used at the temperature of 100℃-120℃, it can work continuously without being regenerated. It is mainly used as deoxidant in the mixture of hydrogen or nitrogen.
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