Product Name molecular sieve IG-3


  Molecular Sieve IG-3 is an alkali metal aluminosilicate; It is the potassium form of the type A crystal structure. It has an effective pore opening of about 3 angstroms (0.3nm). It adsorbs molecules with effective diameters smaller than approximately 3 angstroms. but excludes molecules any larger than that.
Typical Chemical Formula:
0.45 K2O . 0.55 Na2O . Al2O3 . 2 SiO2 . n H2O
Recommended Application
Molecular sieve IG-3 is developed for insulating glass. It is widely used for windows and doors that can make the dew point of the gas between the 2 panels of windows or doors decrease as low as -70 degree Centigrade.



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